Legal Services MMag. Gregor Winkelmayr


The law firm MMag. Gregor Winkelmayr, MBA, LL.M. (Essex) was established in 2013 and advises international and domestic clients, primarily on matters involving contract, civil, inheritance, criminal, corporate, company and business law and is, in particular, specialised in dispute resolution in these fields.

Highest quality standards

The law firm MMag. Gregor Winkelmayr, MBA, LL.M. (Essex) is a law firm, which, in order to provide and ensure comprehensive and professional legal advice, sets itself the highest quality standards to provide its clients with the best possible legal service.

Free of charge initial assessment

Therefore, we offer within the framework of a non-binding inquiry, for the purpose of the clarification of further steps and the prospects of success, as well as in order to avoid frustrated expenses, a free of charge initial assessment (limited to 30 minutes) and complete cost transparency.

Trust and transparency

Since the provision of legal services is a highly interactive and integrative service process, it is our special concern to establish a trusting and transparent cooperation between client and lawyer in order to cater better to the clients’ needs and to represent successfully the clients’ interests.

Consulting in German and English

Due to Gregor Winkelmayr’s studies in Great Britain on the one hand, and the substantial amount of time he spent abroad in Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand and the USA on the other hand and since his legal practice always required legal advice in the English language, he is qualified to assist his clients both in German and English. The same applies of course to all team members. In addition, our team members speak French und Turkish, for which reason the law firm is able to communicate in these languages as well.

Simply call us or send us your non-binding inquiry and we will, in a free of charge initial assessment, clarify what we can do for you.

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