There is no room for compromise in regards to high quality standards. First-class service is, among other things, the basis for ensuring that the objectives of the client are achieved.


The law firmꞌs commitment to first-class service precludes any form of mass processing. Our sights are always set on the benefits we can achieve for our clients.


Expert know-how, accuracy and a dedicated sense of service are the keys to customer satisfaction and to providing our clients with legal advice of the highest standard on an ongoing basis. Due to his studies of Law, Economics, Business Administration and International Trade Law, Gregor Winkelmayr has a broad and profound legal and economical expertise, which ensures that the clients’ needs are met efficiently and sustainably.

Efficiency and propitiousness

Due to our lean and organisationally streamlined structure and the application of the latest technologies, it is possible for us to work purposefully and without administrative or hierarchical barriers, and in particular, without unnecessary additional expenditures, in order to be able to work in a target-orientated manner for the clientsꞌ success.


The clients’ trust in our high quality work is our most valuable asset. That is why Gregor Winkelmayr is always directly available to you. The law firm believes that for individual advice and reliable guidance, it is essential that the legal representative is right beside you, to support the client in mastering his/her individual challenges. Personal commitment, extensive experience and a solution-oriented approach ensure that the clients’ needs are met efficiently and sustainably.

Entrepreneurial approach

In the course of the provision of our legal services, we do not only observe the circumstances of the case from a legal point of view, but also and in particular, from an economic perspective, in order to achieve the most suitable economically advantageous solution to the clientsꞌ problem, considering the targets and wishes of the client. The clientsꞌ business ideas are implemented swiftly and securely. In doing so, the law firm demonstrates how legal and economic competence can achieve optimal solutions.

Flexibility and innovation

Due to our lean and organisationally streamlined structure, a broad cooperation network and the application of the latest technologies, the provision of legal services may be tailored to the clientsꞌ individual needs.

International approach

The law firm has access to a national and international legal cooperation network. Gregor Winkelmayr is, among other things, a member of the International Trade Lawyers‘ Network, which he founded. This allows the law firm to provide the client, in addition to our own know-how and expertise, the best available partner in each location, whose personal contacts are made available for the benefit of the client.

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