(International) dispute resolution

(International) dispute resolution

At times, litigation is unavoidable. Disputes and subsequent litigation are a fact of life in business. The law firm has comprehensive experience in litigation involving all areas of commercial law, since the law firm is to a great extent, specialised in dispute resolution and in particular in litigation. Nonetheless, the law firmꞌs practice also includes arbitration.

Gregor Winkelmayr represents and advises businesses and private clients in all matters, extrajudicially and judicially, before all Austrian courts including Supreme Courts, covering the entire spectrum of corporate and commercial law.

Prior to any proceedings, the law firm, right from the start, gives the clients a clear picture of and makes sure that they are aware of the opportunities and risks involved in relation to disputes. Gregor Winkelmayr can draw upon his vast experience both procedurally and tactically, thus offering the clients a high standard of quality in the conduct of a case. Experience has shown that the prospects for success in potential legal disputes, to a high degree, depend on the preparation and the effective processing of the procedural matter accompanying the proceedings, as well as on the documentation and evidence on hand, for which reason we dedicate our special care to these matters and in particular to you, our client.

The goal is to assert your claims, or as the case may be, to fend off claims, or to find an economically advantageous solution for you.

(International) dispute resolution, aktualisiert am 04.02.2014 von MMag. Gregor Winkelmayr, MBA, LL.M. (Essex) (Legal Services MMag. Gregor Winkelmayr), in Wien 1010, Österreich.